Weekending In San Francisco

I love living in Monterey. Its mellow, beautiful, and frankly there isn’t too much to do socially. I love spending my time at the beach, uninterrupted, and not having to make excuses spending multiple nights at home, tea in hand. But there is a part of me that misses the hustle bustle from my old city life. It seems more glamorous somehow, even if it drove me to multiple points of craziness at times. The readily available amazing food and passionate people behind it are lingering around every corner. People watching is never a disappointment. (cheap entertainment is always a plus) Brunching. Great cafes. Walking. The window displays, the stores, the fashion…. really make me feel like a girl. I just love it. In small doses of course. We Marched our way through a bit of San Francisco last weekend, and here is what we were able to capture in between the tasty donuts or Jesus protesters outside of the strip club…

Chinatown Thumbs Up

Fortune Cookie Factory

nice little touches

gotta keep going

too cool

Just enjoying the lingering good feelings and some tea in my new SF handmade mug from my boi. love.

Where would you like to escape with your family?


Scenes from Seattle

Sometimes you just need a girls weekend. Girlfriends are important I say. So having just the weekend, I popped over to Seattle to visit my friend, KK the great. We ate sweets, drank coffee, stopped for treats again, shopped, reminisced about our glorious temps en France, and yoga-fied. It was delightful.

kk le magnificent

flying apron bakery

vegan chocolate molten cake with coconut cream!

le cafe

pikes place


Next stop? NYC. Man I miss you guys…


Where would you go for a weekend getaway?