A Show.

Come one, come all to sample my whole grain baked goodies, peruse local art, and enjoy live folky music. Too good to be true? Apparently not…

Saturday, September 7th

Lilify. Monterey, California.


keith damron show


2 thoughts on “A Show.

  1. Steph! It’s crazy to read your new last name! I’m so glad to see from your last post that your wedding was everything you dreamt it would be (and happy 1 month “anniversary”, by the way)! Amanda told me a little bit about the day, but it was great to see that photo of you and your new hubby in the post before this – you looked beautiful!!
    I was just thinking about you because I started a new blog myself this week- check it out if you ever have the time! : ) I’ve really enjoyed reading yours; it makes me feel closer to you than 3,000 miles away! The address for mine is http://www.inglenookandbook.com.
    Love you! Have a beautiful, beautiful day!

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