A Wedding.

Ah, yes. We wed. And it was fantastic. It was so many things:  a whirlwind, a love fest, a reunion, an artistic build up, and a community tear down. I married the man of my dreams, and together we forge on to create our new lives, together, with our two kids, building a life the best we know how.


I don’t think I ever understood the importance, the impact, the magnitude a wedding can have. The bringing together of people, the celebration of love, the devotion of two people to one another, is such a beautiful moment in time. And for me, it was perfect.


I feel such great amounts of gratitude to the people who made our wedding special. People who simply wanted the best for us, to see our dreams a reality, and to see Ben and myself happy. I feel so lucky to be able to be given the chance to feel the thanks that I do. A feeling I am just sitting with recently, as I reflect on the event whilst putting away its remanents and writing its thank yous. So thankful for a life ever changed and the man who has completed my soul.

P1000919 P1000900

P1000896Love to all.


6 thoughts on “A Wedding.

  1. Happy for you Steph!!!! Even though you have a new last name…I will still fondly remember the original “Stein Time!” Congrats!

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