A Show.

Come one, come all to sample my whole grain baked goodies, peruse local art, and enjoy live folky music. Too good to be true? Apparently not…

Saturday, September 7th

Lilify. Monterey, California.


keith damron show


A Wedding.

Ah, yes. We wed. And it was fantastic. It was so many things:  a whirlwind, a love fest, a reunion, an artistic build up, and a community tear down. I married the man of my dreams, and together we forge on to create our new lives, together, with our two kids, building a life the best we know how.


I don’t think I ever understood the importance, the impact, the magnitude a wedding can have. The bringing together of people, the celebration of love, the devotion of two people to one another, is such a beautiful moment in time. And for me, it was perfect.


I feel such great amounts of gratitude to the people who made our wedding special. People who simply wanted the best for us, to see our dreams a reality, and to see Ben and myself happy. I feel so lucky to be able to be given the chance to feel the thanks that I do. A feeling I am just sitting with recently, as I reflect on the event whilst putting away its remanents and writing its thank yous. So thankful for a life ever changed and the man who has completed my soul.

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P1000896Love to all.