Get Real.

I love being inspired. I love the way information, beauty, people, and various experiences make me feel alive and human. School was always more of a social event for me growing up. It was something necessary for the volleyball team to exist, for friends to interact daily, to be able to score the cafeteria cookies that were rarely allowed under my mom’s household supervision(with good reason I must say). But now, I have a new found love and excitement for school beyond the sneak attack sweets. I actually love and am interested in what I am learning. What a novel discovery.

real food.

Anywho, today we spent a fair amount of time talking about fat. And being someone who reads nutrition and health books for fun, I thought I had a good grasp on fat. Yeah, we need it. Yeah, its good for you. And all those things being true, I just had to share with you some of the great things that expanded my knowledge today… and for some reason, just plain excite me.

1. Eat traditional, whole foods. People have been eating for some time now. Look back to the ancestors for key clues on how to eat a healthful diet. Did they have GMOs and chemical pesticides to help grow their foods? NO. Buy organic. Could people turn whole milk into 1% without heavy machinery and heavy processes? NO. Eat whole fat whole foods. Fats are highly nutritive. Of course we shouldnt be eating them in huge quantities, something the Standard American Diet loves to tout, but high quality fats are wonderful for you. But there’s a catch. Butter isn’t just butter. Toxins are transported via fat molecules, so that low-grade poor quality butter (or worse MARGARINE)  you are buying at the supermarket just isn’t cutting it. Buy great butter (Kerrygold, Strauss are examples) quite whining about the price tag, and simply eat a bit less of it. Low grade butter is simply bad for your health and the environment, great quality butter can be highly nutritious. Great, I’m glad we figured that out.

2. High Quality, Organic Fats Aren’t the Problem. It’s so crazy that good and nutritive fats seem to get a lot of flack these days. Why don’t we look to the real problem foods. The stuffs people call foods, but aren’t even really foods. Packaged crap (excusez-moi) from pop tarts to oreos don’t even contain recognisable ingredients. If you couldn’t figure out how to make the ingredients in your kitchen, put it back on the shelf.  High fructose corn syrup. Natural Flavors (hello MSG). Dextrose? Yellow #6? What the hell has happened to us? And people blame butter for our problems? Unbelievable. The additives, colorings, excess sugars, and chemicals that go into our foods are major players in modern-day problems ranging from hormone imbalances to ADD in the kiddos to cancer. . Modern day problems…. modern-day foods? Our bodies weren’t designed to handle coke and cheetos. Wise up and eat real food.

3. Eat whole fats. High quality oils are great don’t get wrong. Especially olive, sesame, and coconut oils. YUM. But look to get the majority of your fat from whole foods. Enjoy avocados, nuts, seeds (so important!), wild salmon, cultured organic dairy, and olives just to name a few. Eating the whole food gives you the great fats, along with the fiber and multitude of vitamins, good bacteria, and minerals that come along with the whole stuff. Feed your brain, feed your body. You actually need these stuff to function properly.

I could go on and on. But I wont. I rather make soup. With real food.

I think Michael Pollen summed it up best:

Eat real food. Not too much. Mostly plants.



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