On Cabbage.

Oh the wonderous crucifers! Brussels, kale, broccoli oh my. I’ve long been a fan. Amongst these lovelies you will also find the amazing cabbage to be a part of the cruciferous family. With a fresh and nutty flavor, brought out when it is cooked (sautéed, roasted, and braised are popular methods) it is amazingly tasty. Its versatility ranges from deliciously raw to cooked to fermented…hello saurcraut my friend. Maybe its my German heritage, but I highly doubt that I stand alone when it comes to raving about this crucifer. The nutrient profile seems endless…. high in vitamin C (goodbye winter cold). potassium, folic acid, vitamin B6, biotin (shiny hair!), calcium (beautiful bones), magnesium, and manganese. Even more impressive about this veggie is its high phytochemical content. Say what? High anti cancer compounds don’t seem to hurt these days. Its a low-calorie, high nutrient food and even is used to help treat people with ulcers. A true superfood.

Hanner’s Cabbage Salad

Thanks to my dear friend Hannah for this recipe inspiration. Simple and amazingly delicious.

1/2 head of red or green cabbage, shredded or finely chopped

1 whole avocado, cut into small pieces

4 tablespoons rice vinegar

2 tablespoons sesame seeds

sprouts, optional

sea salt and pepper to taste

Place all of your ingredients in a large salad bowl. Massage the ingredients together so the avocado breaks down a bit and the  cabbage softens. Let sit for a few minutes or refrigerate for a half hour. Serve and enjoy the deliciousness! (not to mention all those nutrients)

How do you enjoy cabbage?


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