True Beauty

“Always remember your true beauty comes from within, no matter what methods you use to beautify your body on the outside. If your heart is filled with envy, hate,  jealousy, and ugly, unhappy thoughts, it will discolor your aura for all to see. What you thought yesterday, you will live today. What you think today, you will live tomorrow. If you want to live a life filled with health, beauty, joy, and happiness, then think only of that which is beautiful, and you will be beautiful.”


….now how wonderful is that?


2 thoughts on “True Beauty

  1. Steph, Thanks for giving me just the message I need on the given day!!! Today I have been fretting over not having the right dress for a black tie formal wedding in NYC next week (my last two weddings in Alaska have had Xtra Tuffs in the dress code!) and feeling oh-so-fat in my normal clothing. But what do I find in your beautiful, perfectly timed blog? Beauty from within. YES! The day you reminded us to rest, restore, and allow ourselves to rejuvenate in whatever way fit our mood – I was beating myself up for not being as productive as I should have been and instead enjoying one of few warm, sunny summer days here reading a novel. Thank you, thank you, thank you for reminding us that who we are is just right for each moment of each day! I just wish I could join some of your workshops! Lots of love, Clair

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