Somedays you don’t want to move. For me those days are typically called Sundays. And yes, sometime certain Mondays, Tuesdays, (you get the picture) feel like Sundays as well.

I have found that in a world that constantly pushes us to be productive and to push ourselves to be constantly doing, it’s no wonder that sometimes it feels as though one day to rest just doesn’t seem like enough. (especially when Sundays don’t even equal rest sometimes!)

But not I! I am a the queen of lounging. I love cuddling, cozy time spent on the couch, books and tea in hand, enjoying rest. Its a huge part of my wellbeing. I find that I get rundown from time to time and that it is the utmost importance to take rest seriously. When I am resting, preferably in a supine position, I find that it is also the time that I am most open to inspiration. Here are some great ways to combine the wonderousness of rest and inspiration….

Wellness Reads. I am continuously so inspired by authors out there who have found the best ways to lead their lives. I like to read all the books out there and then pick and choose what works for me. I like to call it my cocktail of well-being. Current reads? The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberley Snyder, Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr

My Google Reader. I fill my reader with people who are living beautiful, healthful lives. When I read their posts I am so delighted to be reassured how many people are out there doing amazing things. There are some who make me laugh, others who are deeply reflective, and many who inspire me with innovative recipes. When you read about people who are doing healthful things, you are more likely to feel inspired to be that way too. Some of my Google Reader favorites:, the Healthy Everythingtarian, Roost

Tea and OWN Network. Sometimes you are just too tired to read, its true. So why not watch something feel good, instead of the feel bad reality shows. (I’m so guilty of doing that too) OWN Network has some full episodes online that are geared toward better living in general. Recently I watched a Lifeclass with Bishop T.D. Jakes…. I laughed so hard I cried, and then I cried so hard because I was actually inspired. Well, ok, I didn’t really cry that hard, but it was entertaining and really uplifting. Ah yes.. and brew your nice self some yummy tea while you do it!

Restorative Heart Openers. SAY WHAT??? Don’t be afraid, it is actually very simple. Restorative yoga poses are like lying on the plumpest couch in the world but 100 times better. Heart openers bring yourself to a more positive, uplifted state, and you just simply feel great after. You just might leave the posture more inspired than ever. This is my favorite….

supported reclined bound angle pose

to get into the posture: Place a long pillow (or two) lengthwise at the base of your spine. Gently lower yourself down onto the pillow, making sure that your head and neck are supported as well. You should feel a slight backbend in your spine and your heart lifted. You may place blankets or other forms of support under your knees for added comfort and relaxation. Lay here and focus on your breath for 5-20 minutes. When you are finished, gently rolled over to your right side and then up to a seated position. Amazing!

What are some ways you like to restore and/or inspire yourself?


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